Derived from a relationship with one of my students Jordan Krutsch. Jordan, is a optic pattern person, in that he can discern patterns from layers of mixed patterns. He can locate 5-10 four leave clovers within seconds while walking around a field full of clovers.. Amazed by this ability I generated an idea to create a custom cart that could suspend him just over the ground while being push around. In others words I created a Luck cart. A cart who's job it is to push participants around with the purpose of finding four leaf clovers or "Luck". Each participant will have a handmade headset that utilizes an old Iphone 5 to video capture his or her eyes moving as they scan the floor for luck. Attached to the rear of the cart is a old seed distributor which will resowing whatever current field we are searching in with fresh new seeds for future growth. In the end its about the the metaphor of desire, the metaphor of the American obsession with riches or scoring big. Yet is also about a person ability to see and discern form when others can not, and its about my childhood revisited.
As art I potentially see a wall with giant projected media eyeballs scanning left to right, on the other wall the cart and of coarse 4 leaf clovers presented in some way..