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Hear & There.
Custom made Yellow locust wood backpacks. 6-gallon Jimmy johns’ plastic pickle buckets. Camera, digital sound recorder.
A collaboration with Ray Baccari- WCU/MFA student. Two wooden historical influenced backpacks were constructed to house a plastic pickle bucket collected from a Jimmy Johns restaurant dumpster. The backpacks form a central component of our project. They represent both craft and sculptural form. They also act as a symbolic tool that we use to carry out a performative journey/collection. We are exploring the waterways of the Judacullawi- Place of Judcaulla - the Cherokee great teacher myth tale from which Cullowhee, NC inherited its name. From these tributaries we collect a sample of river rocks. While engaging in the happening we also collect moving and still images, sound recordings and gsp mapping trail marks--all of which will be used to fortify our main intent or project. Once back in the lab the tons of collected rocks will be each connected to simple piezo microphones. Each rock will then broadcast sounds to 10 mini speakers. The rocks and speakers, imagery, videos, and line gsp drawings and backpacks will all be arranged to share our story. The final piece will be both sculpture, sound instrument and performance.