A dance with the King of the weeds; the common Dandelion.
I am embarking on a per formative exploration of meaning for this highly over-looked and unwanted plant;
To create an intimate experience with the king of the weeds. I have been collecting seeds from through out the urban landscape of Milwaukee, WI. To propagate them in my studio in several thousand 1 gallon/#10 tin cans that I have been re-claiming from the kitchen of UWM's Sandburg Residence Hall.
The cans will be assembled into an architectural installation, sculpture, laboratory with in my studio."Flowering weeds as form". Dandelion blossoms from various places in with the city have been collected for the manufacturing of wine. "Flowering weed as drink". Propagated greens will be cultivated for consumption. "Flowering weed as Food"
The structure/greenhouse-installation will be have its own watering system as well as having its own off the grid power supply. Sculpture, Anthropology, Vernacular History, Botany, Performance, and social Identity are all ideas I wish to infuse into this project. "Flowering weed as Idea"