A wall based upholstery landscape made from a collection of fabric surfaces or skins: Ranging from 1070's polyester drapes, white wife beater undershirts, vinyl red and white tablecloth, old tartan jackets to high end Louis the 15th damask and every wherein between. Ceramic tufted cushions made from Kohler toilet bowl wear, WW1 airplane doped wing fabric, an assortment of tiles or floor covering and residential building blocks, Wild living dandelions face off box shop bought generic pansies, a tin can of urban Milwaukee air, a locust fence rail displaying a collections of ebay bought Bob Ross pine tree paintings. Holding it all to the ground is a red and white Italian police security tape wrapped around a chuck of concrete curb found on the streets of a Naples, Italy slum.
The piece seeks to address or re-address how one might look at landscape painting or in this case the urban landscape of Milwaukee WI. Its about social stratification - the poor SW slums, the posh Eastside, the industrial Westend.. Do we rank surfaces, fabrics and materials? Can they be used to reflect the human need to judge or rank. These are some of what this piece intends.