I made a casting of a derelict empty lot/industrial lot/brownfield from the south side of the city of Milwaukee . I am interested in the idea of what is seen or in this case un-seen by inhabitants of a particular place. This lot was interesting to me in that it represented a negative unsightly part of the city habitat that had lost its use. A question came from this: How can I re-transmit or translate an undervalued piece of earth into another form of earth which does represent something of rank? Kohler ceramic plumbing ware represents high society in terms of how is costs equate upper class values.
The second question is how to bring this cast 6ft x 10 ft off white vitreous clay floor or tableau to my audience. Since these spaces often go un-noticed in the landscape. I thought within the gallery white cube context I would build a special enclosure to house the tiled landscape- one that isolates the gallery audience forcing an intimate relationship this transform urban blight. Social reform through form and preception.